Artist Statement
The catalyst for these new paintings is a fisherman’s bungalow I found while staying in Heislerville, New Jersey on the Delaware Bay. It was surrounded by fishing gear, crab-pots, freezers and boats, as well as the most beautiful, undisturbed marshes and an unpopulated shoreline. The more I looked at the house and the beauty of the location it became clear to me that I was less interested in painting a landscape and more in attempting a portrait of the house itself. In what feels like a time of insatiable consumerism, I am pulled toward the dignity of the house; un-glamourized, subdued and elemental. A structure separate from, but still evocative of its location.

Having explored several forms of expression throughout the years, it has been very freeing to distill my work in a new, much more essential and uncomplicated direction.

I grew up in Mexico surrounded by a bounty of indigenous art which has been fueled for thousands of years by amazing pre-Columbian, Spanish and French legacies. I have also been influenced by the monumental work of modernist Mexican painters such as  Clemente Orozco, David A. Siqueiros, Rufino Tamayo, Frida Kahlo and especially Diego Rivera, with his bold use of shape and color.


-Susan Sanchez Murphy